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Dark Chocolate Double Chip

About Us

A "Micro"-Bakery?

Yes! Every loaf of bread, every single cookie and every inch of brownies are made in ‘micro’-batches. Following in the footsteps of micro-breweries, more and more people are turning to their local small bakers for their daily bread and pastries. We are here to provide you the finest of them and the warmest customer service.

No Artificial Preservatives

No way! Not if we can help it! In the making of our baked goods, we do not add any artificial preservatives and additives. So much of what is bought in supermarkets is made with things no one can pronounce nor digest. I am about offering fresh baked goods with only the most wholesome ingredients. (More details see our FAQs.)

A Musical Baker? "Tell me more, tell me more..."

Yep! A musical baker. I’ve spent 25 years working in musical theatre on Broadway, off-Broadway, off-off-Broadway, Regional Theatre, and National and International Tours. But, while I was consistently working in show business, I harbored a delicious secret! (Well, sort of…) I love to bake and I did so professionally a few times for three of the most popular bakeries in the United States.

So, due to the pandemic of 2020, when there was no bread on the shelves at local supermarkets, I filled my time with baking and made my own. Soon, I was encouraged by my neighbors and friends to sell my baked goods to the public. Now, with my official permit from New York State, I’ve got my own bakery!

Mykul’s Microbakes is daily baking up some of the tastiest, naturally leavened fresh bread, colossal cookies, brownies, and cinnamon rolls. In addition to our every day available tasty menu items, we also offer seasonal varieties and monthly specials. Lucky for me that when I moved uptown to Washington Heights, my kitchen came with a great big oven! 

An artisan bakery, with baked-to-order products, and all made especially for you.

Artisan Bread

Fresh, crusty, savory loaves, like our Mediterranean Loaf. Or our immensely popular Cinnamon Raisin Walnut Loaf. Or our far superior than supermarket Golden Sandwich Bread. Hold on, we’re getting carried away, but you can ‘crust’ us. It’s all crazy delicious.

Colossal Cookies

Crispy on the outside and gooey in the middle! Our thick, palm sized cookies are packed with chocolate, raisins, and nuts, you can’t go wrong.  Available in counts of 3, 6, or a Baker’s dozen! Our flavors include: Chocolate Chip Pecan, Oatmeal Raisin, Dark Chocolate Double Chip, Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip, Milk Chocolate Chip and our Cookie of the Month


Brownies & Bars

Extra-large and thick Double Fudge Chocolate Chip Brownies, Triple Chip Walnut Blondies, Peanut Butter Dream Bars, Lemon Raspberry Swirl Bars, and more!  We’re talking heaven in a square!  Available by the foot! No not your foot, silly! 2 = ½ foot. 4 = 1 foot … you get the idea!

"Using the best ingredients makes the best cookies!"

Dioggi's Delectable Dog treats coming soon...

"Love fresh bread, but you're out of time to bake? Let me bake for you."

Everything is baked fresh daily!


Shop Online

The online shop is open and ready for your order! All orders are baked upon request, shipped thoughtfully, and made with care. Coming soon – subscriptions!

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